Chathub talk to random strangers!

Tired of seeing the same video chat sites over and over again? Say no more! Chathub has everything you need. Website design? Checked! Really cool video chat features? Checked! Enough users for a flawless video chat experience? Double triple checked! Today we will be talking about Chathub online and talking to random strangers in general, with some other extra toppings on the cake.  : Free Random Video Chat that Works Like Omegle . 

What is Chathub?

Chathub is a free online video chat site for random chat with random strangers whenever you want. It is also an Omegle alternative which gives you an option to use a different video chat for different experience. Chathup is a brand new video chat site. Chathub created around 2018 and 2022 according to some data collecting companies. Even Chathub is new, Chathub garnered a lot of users in a short period of time!

How does Chathub work?

Omegle alternative chathub works like any other video chat site out there. If you have the 3 most important equipment, you are set! These things are, web camera, internet, pc. For better connection and communication between random strangers, we suggest you to use a microphone. Using a mic will prevent misleading and misunderstanding between you and the stranger. Make sure that you have plugged in everything and have the internet up. After all you have to do is start talking to random strangers online!

How many users does Chathub has?

We will never know this type of questions. Because even the some analytic websites are having trouble getting the information. But what we have known so far is, it is around +1M users. Even tho its been only 3-4 years the amount of garnered users is crazy! It definitely has the power to compete with other video chat sites out there. If we think about Omegle. Even Omegle starting to lose some members but of course Omegle still has some decent amount of users.

How can I talk to random strangers?

Take a deep breath. Get a relief. Won’t stress yourself right away, take your time. You can practice facing to a mirror. Just try ask simple questions and give simple answers. Talking to a random strangers is tough. You never know what awaits on Chathup. But if you know what you really want from the strangers you’ve been talking to. Then it should be really easy for you to find someone compatible with you! Don’t overthink the words and the sentences. Just let it go. Say whatever you think first, but as always don’t be too honest. Never give too much information about yourself!

talk to random strangers on Chathub for free

Best new topics for random chat

You can start with asking them, “how was your day?”, “how are you doing?”, “what brought you here?” type of questions. After you have progressed a bit. You can move to the next step. Which is finding a topic to keep talking about it. I suggest you to not talk about politics and heavy topics too much. Might get boring for both of you really fast. What I suggest is, “love life”, “friends”, “school”, “hobbies”, “games”, “sports”, “job”, “family”, “travelling”, “music” but of course these are just bunch of examples, you can of course add up more in here. Before you go through some of the topics there, make sure you know the person well.


Today we have talked about Chathub in general and what Chathub has the capability to accomplish, also what Chathub chat can give you for a better video chat experience. And then we moved on what you need to use Chathub, making conversations and deciding topics before you talk to a random stranger. Thank you a lot for reading the post. You can always check our website for more content like this!

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