How much Chathub make

Chathub made for video chatting online for talking to random strangers for free! Chathub online is known for it’s large audience and huge amount of visitors every month. Like any other video chat sites Chathub is also free to use as we mentioned at the start. That left us thinking, then how Chathup make money? And how can they still do improvements and upgrades to their video chat site? Today we will be discovering and also guessing some facts about Chathub!

Random Strangers on Chathub

When it comes to talking to random strangers on Chathub free it has no difference than talking to random strangers on other video chat sites. The key is keep talking. If you want to random chat with random strangers on Chathub all you gotta do is make sure know what you want to talk about. Won’t change between topics too much. Embrace yourself, let them know who you are and what you wanna talk about. Then the rest comes as easy as slicing through butter like a fine art getting painted by a professional painter.

What can I talk about with random strangers on Chathub?

Short answer is, you can talk about anything you want as long as you follow the Chathub community guidelines and rules. These days topics such as “Tik Tok”, ”YouTube”, “Crypto” are popular. But of course you can just talk about some usual topics too. Such as, “hobbies”, “sports”, “gaming”, “dating”, “family”, “school ”, “job life”, “past”, “friends”, “travelling”, “music” and more, you can keep extend this list. But the tip is, pretty much letting the person you are talking to on Chathub what you are into and also letting you know what they are into.

How much money the video chat site Chathub make?

We don’t have enough information to give you the real numbers. But according to the analytic sites and other web trackers we have known that it is around +2M$ or +3M$ that’s all we know for now. So for we know that they are earning money from extra features they are providing to users when they but the premium features but besides that we haven’t gotten any other information so far.


Today we have talked about Chathub in general, how much Chathub makes and what can you talk about to random strangers on Chathub for random chatting with them. You can visit if you would like to see more juicy content like this. We usually publish posts about Chathub, Omegle alternatives, video chat sites, talking to strangers and daily life. Hope to see you soon on our another post!

how much do chathub make

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