What is the next Omegle

People are swarming into free online video chat sites these days and we are all looking for some new alternatives but before we talk about it lets look at Omegle and check on why people are looking for alternative video chat sites instead of just using the Omegle?

Why People Stop Using Omegle?

Really crowded

If the quantity goes over quality, it even effects what kind of people you are allowing into your video chat site and especially this happens if you don’t monitor your free online video chat site properly and let everyone go in without even checking them or checking if some of them are bots or not.

Omegle getting old

It all started in 2009 and Omegle still doing fine but at what cost? Even they have gained a lot of popularity and a lot of investment on their video chat site the Omegle still looks old and needs to be cared but even they know this they haven’t changed anything at all in the last 10 years maybe.

Popularity over quality on Omegle

I have just talked about quantity over quality what I wanted to make something clear out is, it really does affect the Omegle this is something that you cannot ignore. Despite them ignoring this topic we have seen and encountering tons of weird and disturbing scenes on video chat site Omegle so all I hope is they do the right investment on Omegle and make it great again.

What the next Omegle

What video chat site can be the next Omegle?

1- ChatHub

ChatHub has been gained a lot of attention and people are really trying this new video chat site ChatHub a lot I have also checked this free online chat site and what can I say is it really does look good and have a unique design but to be honest the pricing on premium features were a bit turn off for me.

2- Ometv

This is not Omegle don’t mistake it. Ometv is actually a good video chat site which has similar features as Omegle but not every feature it of course has some differences that you can spot it. It also has some premium features that you can reach with a small price check it out today I highly suggest Ometv that might be the next Omegle on the internet these days!

3- EmeraldChat

EmeraldChat has a huge potential on being the next Omegle the reason is pretty simple, let me explain. First of all, the design and the style of the EmeraldChat is really artistic that makes me want to surf on there as much as I can while enjoying the view. It really does have that uniqueness that gives you a chance that if you don’t want to video chat you can easily switch it to 1 on 1 text chat with another stranger.


It really does makes me sad to even talk about finding the next Omegle because in the past Omegle gave us a chance to meet with strangers using our web cameras in those days and just give us a short joy of time but right now it really gotten old and its sad to see no one tries to arise Omegle from its graveyard. Check our other posts if you would like to see more about free online video chat sites take care and always stay safe out there.

There are many alternative video chat sites for chatting with random people.
Most Famous : omegle.com , chathub.cam , Emeraldchat.com , OmeTV.app are similar sites.