How to use Chathub?

Chathub is an online video chat site which helps people to video chat with strangers all around the world. Video chat sites are getting used by a lot of people around the world. The main reason that a video chat site is used is pretty much people getting bored at home and seeking a fun way to entertain themselves. Today in this post we will be going through about using chat hub and talk about how you can use ChatHub in 2022.

Where to start?

On the first page of ChatHub you will be seeing the image below.

video chat today chathub chat

After you have clicked the small empty box next to the paragraph and then selected your gender you can press the button which says “Start Video Chat” right away. Make sure that you have done everything in order, so you won’t miss anything. You can always come back here to check this part, if you have missed anything before you pressing the button there. Good job! You are doing great on How to use ChatHub. Keep reading for getting your hands on for using chat hub and start video chatting with strangers.

Preparing for Video Chat on Chathub

After you are done with the first part and on a different page keep on reading. Now you are at the place which is you can start online video chat right away. Once you press the big “Start” button you will be matching with other random strangers. Make sure that your camera and your microphone is on. Camera is a necessary equipment which you must have to start your video chats. Without the camera you can’t start video chat with strangers so make sure its on. Chathub online is a worldwide video chat site so don’t worry about showing yourself others. Be confident before you video chat with strangers.

Extra Features on ChatHub

Every video chat site has some features for their users to get a nice chatting experience meanwhile stabilizing for the optimum comfort at the same time. Chathub online is really good at making this possible with its features. When you use you will realize that there will be some small icons. Which represents genders, globe and a bunch of gears stuck together.

Best Video Chat Features Ever

You can choose whether you want males or females in your video chats for a small fee, which is you will be seeing once you have selected the gender button. Once you have clicked globe you will be seeing countries and the languages. You can select wished language and wished country for free. And finally gears for advanced settings which based on whatever you want. You can choose if you want face only and audio only people or both.

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